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Boracay Tour
Version 1.0

Boracay Island, located in the central Visayas of the Philippines, is renowned as "one of the best beaches in the world".

Famous for its 7-kilometer stretch of "White Sand", Boracay offers something for everyone - from the most adventurous to the most laid back. There are hundreds of resorts, varying from luxurious to simple, local cottages, restaurants and bars, all located on the beach.

In its tropical setting, Boracay provides a vast variety of activities, from water sports and beach volleyball for the active, to a pleasant massage along the beach. The beauty of Boracay truly brings a multitude of languages, nationalities and personalities that co-exist in harmony.

Boracay Tour is a virtual guide to the Boracay Island and is now available on the convenience of your PocketPC. The software features:

  • Map* - geographical location
  • Exchange Rate
  • Getting There - flight, land, and sea transport information
  • Getting Around*
  • Dive Sites* - collection of over 60 photos from famous dive sites like Yapak, Balinghai*, Friday's Rock, Friday's Reef, Coral Garden, Camia Wreck, and the Crocodile Island
  • Dive Package - diving facilities
  • Resorts*
  • Food
  • People
  • Sunset*
  • Activities
  • Weather
  • Useful Numbers

  • (* - available in Demo version)

    Let's your tour begin on the Boracay Island!

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  • PocketPC 2000/2002
  • 6.62MB RAM
  • Installation
  • Connect device to PC
  • Run SETUP.EXE from PC
  • Follow onscreen instructions
  • Registration Benefits
  • Full feature of software
  • Unlimted upgrade