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Drop-n-Catch Game Engine
Version 1.00

Drop-n-Catch Game Engine

To promote game programming on PocketPCs, futurePDA creates a simple game engine for beginners who are serious about bringing games into PocketPCs.

If you are interested in game programing but do not where to begin, getting this game engine is a good starting point.

You will learn about

  • Simplest form of WINAPI programming [small EXE]
  • How to create a full screen game
  • Mouse control [player]
  • Keyboard control [player]
  • Create game that supports all PocketPC CPUs (SH3, MIPS, ARM) and PocketPC 2002 devices
  • Smooth spite animation [flicker free]
  • How to calculate frame per second
  • Bitmap APIs
  • Masked bitmap
  • Objects collision
  • How to control the speed of dropped object
  • Sounds
  • You will receive full source code of the Parachute game, all game spite bitmaps, documentation, and 2 game ideas using this engine.

    The license allows you to create any games for commercial purpose. The only restriction is that you cannot resell this game engine in anyway or any forms.

    Game play

  • Move the boat using the stylus by clicking either on the left or right of the boat
  • Press any key to quit
  • What are you waiting for?

    Copyright 2001-2002 futurePDA. All Rights Reserved.

  • PocketPC 2000/2002
  • Installation
  • Connect device to PC
  • Run Dropncatch.EXE on PC
  • Follow onscreen instructions