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Falling Puzzle
Version 1.0

Falling Puzzle for Pocket PC is a very simple and challenging game for all ages.

How to Play

The objective of this game is to stop the puzzle from falling off. Player will pickup the falling pieces and assemble each photo as fast as possible. The game will begin by dropping 4 pieces of the puzzle, player will then tab the "Random Pick" button and start the game.

On the right hand side is the total number of fallen pieces , when it reaches 30, game is over!

When player completes each puzzle, the total elapsed time will be shown. Player has a choice of playing the same puzzle again for better score or move on to the next puzzle.

The player's performance is measured in seconds. The player has a maximum of 999 seconds to complete each puzzle before the game repeats again.

It seems easy but it is not. Try out the demo version to find out why???


Copyright 2001-2002 futurePDA. All Rights Reserved.

  • PocketPC 2000/2002
  • 1.96MB RAM
  • Installation
  • Connect device to PC
  • Run SETUP.EXE from PC
  • Follow onscreen instructions
  • Registration Benefits
  • Full feature of software
  • Unit appears in random sequence
  • Unlimited upgrade