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Version 1.0

SpotMe! is a simple and challenging game for all ages.

How To Play

Compare 2 photos and spot 3 differences. For every correct spot, player will be rewarded with a longer lifeline but will be penalized for any mistakes. Player will receive one SKIP point when lifeline is MAX out. (Maximum 9 skip points). Lifeline will reduce by 50% for every earned SKIP point. SKIP point can be used to move to the next photos.

It seems easy but it is not. Try out the demo version to find out why???

Copyright 2001-2002 futurePDA. All Rights Reserved.

  • PocketPC 2000/2002
  • 668KB RAM
  • Installation
  • Run SPOTME.EXE on PC
  • Connect device to PC
  • Run SETUP.EXE from PC
  • Follow onscreen instructions
  • Registration Benefits
  • Full feature of software
  • Over 60 photos
  • Random photo
  • Unlimited upgrade